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Dead-end is a photo documentary based on repetitions which emphasizes the amount of furniture that is thrown away on a daily basis in Montreal.

Shot during winter, this documentary aims at making people wonder how the snow and the rain can damage these objects and make them useless even though they were in good conditions. Because we do not often see and wonder what happens to our trash, this photo documentary questions the public on the future of discarded furniture.

According to the city’s website, 156 574 tons of residential CRD* and bulky waste were generated in 2016. Even though the numbers are not available for 2019, 2016 was already marked by an increase of 11 percent compared to previous years. In our modern and growing societies, one can only assume that the quantities of waste we produce now are alarming.

In order to reduce our waste, the city recommends that citizens try to reuse, repair, or give away their furniture and utilities before throwing it away. By following such simple methods of the circular economy, we can allow streets to be streets and not to be our furniture landfill.

*Construction, renovation and demolition.