Brol (Belgian noun expressing a disorder) of emotions, of stories, of inspiring and authentic lives.

brol (noun)
Disorder, a heap of random objects of no value.

Hi! I’m Cecile, a 28 year old Belgian-Frenchwoman with a love for listening to inspiring authentic stories, and sharing them to anyone who’s willing to listen.
Discover some of these stories through videos, photographies, and writings, or take a look at my work in the communication section.

Brol de vies is a creative space intended to share all these stories that inspire me, these values that drive me, these questions that make me grow, and these crossed lives that have made me the woman I am today.

Halfway between a professional portfolio and a diary, I cannot claim that you will find masterpieces in here, but on the contrary, a colorful mosaic composed of a multitude of fragments of perfectly imperfect lives.

Passionate about storytelling and communication in all its forms, I have gathered my professional experiences under the communication tab, and my personal projects such as captured images under photography, films, and documentaries under videography, and articles in the writing section.