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On this page, you may find photographic essays regarding inclusion, environmental, and social issues, as well as a reflection of our daily lives.

The Global Climate Strike

Montréal – sept. 2019

On September 27th, 2019, the Global Climate Strike took the world by storm with approximately 7.6 million people marching for climate action around the world. In Montreal, 500,000 people gathered. According to its organizers, this was the biggest climate mobilization in history.

L’inclusion par le sport

“Blind trust”

At the age of 27 years old, Lyse gradually lost sight because of a genetic condition leading to blindness called retinitis pigmentosa. At 61 years old, she joined the association Association des Sports pour Aveugles du Montréal Métropolitain (ASAAM) to discover new activities, meet new people, and fight against exclusion.

Fighting against food waste

An initiative by Chef Guillaume Cantin

Based in Montreal, La Transformerie’s mission is to reduce food waste by implementing positive and effective solutions to the problem of unsold groceries and fruit stores while raising awareness among merchants and the general public of this issue. These solutions are “les rescapés”!


Because we do not often see and wonder what happens to our trash, this photo documentary questions the public on the future of discarded furniture, the amount and quality of the furniture that is thrown away on a daily basis in the city of Montreal, as well as our way of doing so.

C’est la vie

Here are some of the simple things in life I find beauty in. Wandering in the streets with nowhere to go, smiling, appreciating art, playing sports, going to a museum, watching the sunset, listening to the ocean’s waves or just enjoying a sunny day in a busy city. Happiness comes from simplicity. C’est la vie.

The ghost town of Niagara Falls

The town of Niagara Falls is famous for its breathtaking waterfalls and was built around the tourism and commercial opportunities that the falls offer. During the summer the city is full of life, whereas it seems like a ghost town in the wintertime.