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Cecile Riche Simeon

Hello there! I’m Cécile, a 26-year-old creative communicator, passionate about environmental and social issues.

I started a YouTube channel at the age of 15 years old, on which I shared music covers and compositions. In 2018, I started sharing my journey getting out of my comfort zone to encourage people to chase happiness regardless of the common opinion.

Growing up, my passion for social and environmental issues kept on growing with me, as well as my interest in storytelling and video documentaries. This led me to Montreal to pursue visual journalism studies at Concordia University. That’s the moment when I realized I had found my life mission. Communicating about worldwide issues and how we can answer to them.

Aside from my studies, I ran the Montreal Marathon in 2019. I got involved in the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion to raise awareness concerning the climate urgency. I also worked part-time for non-profit supporting female entrepreneurs from Montréal,, and edited videos for the movement Le Ministère de la Nouvelle Normalité (Québec).

In 2021, I followed my heart and flew to Bengaluru, India, to work within the communication team of LP4Y, an international movement specialized in the development of innovative solutions for the professional and social integration of excluded Youth living in extreme poverty. If you want to follow me on my journey, check out my social media pages!

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The Concordian, I’m an activist and a journalist. Deal with it, December 2019.